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Our goal is to investigate how we’ve become one of the most medicated and psychologically troubled countries on earth, and how we can find our way to a healthier state of mind and ultimately, a healthier world.

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With all of our advances, we should be able to find better medication and we should be able to get people better information about how to get proper treatment. I’m trying to sift through the noise and get people reputable and credible information. I want the content to be compelling and inspiring and help people feel better about what they’re going through and less alone.

Jessica Meyer, Outlier Founder / CEO


Prior to launching Outlier, Jessica Meyer was a litigator and investigative journalist. As a trial attorney at one of the nation’s leading malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firms, Lubin and Meyer, she often fought for those who did not have a voice. Prior to working at Lubin and Meyer, Meyer was an assistant district attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, where her cases included sexual assaults and crimes of violence. Meyer also worked at CBS News during the 2016 presidential election and also at WAMU, NPR’s Washington, D.C. affiliate. She is passionate about bringing awareness to injustices through investigative journalism and fighting against these injustices in the courtroom. Meyer holds a B.A. from NYU and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. 

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